Residential Roof Replacement
Your roof is made to withstand all types of weather including hail, ice, wind, rain and snow for many years. But like any tool, all roofs will suffer from regular wear and tear and extreme weather can cause damage that reduces the lifespan of your roof.

Sometimes a repair is feasible and sometimes it’s time for a replacement. If you have a roofing concern, our Roofing Experts will come inspect your roof for free and make our best recommendation, whether that is a repair or if it makes more sense to go with a replacement.

When we recommend a replacement, we will answer all your questions to make sure you are informed and confident in the decision for a replacement, walk through the insurance claim process with you (remember this is exactly what insurance is for!), help you choose the best solution for your home, and turn what is often expected to be a stressful situation into a smooth and exciting experience.