Cedar Shake Roofing
Cedar shake roofs give a beautiful natural wood look, with undertones of red, amber and gold to set your home apart from the rest. While beautiful, cedar shake roofing is more expensive than other roofing systems and requires extra maintenance for a long lifespan.


  • Appearance
    • Curb appeal is a top reason homeowners choose cedar shake roofing. Cedar roofs are naturally beautiful and make your home stand out from the rest. Over time, cedar will age from light brown to a darker brown or silver-gray color.
  • Energy Efficient
    • Cedar is a natural insulator which is a huge advantage over other roofing materials like asphalt shingles. It will reduce the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home throughout the entire year.
  • Weather Resistant
    • Due to natural preservatives, cedar roofs are wind and impact resistant. It is also more tolerant to harsh and diverse climates than many other roofing materials. They can withstand strong wind, hail, and even hurricanes.
  • Lifespan
    • Wood shingles have a long lifespan assuming quality materials and regular maintenance. On average, a cedar shake roof should last 25-35 years.